Progress Update for February 15 & 17


We faced several obstacles, as work towards the completion of our robot. Since last two days, we have been facing some troubles regarding the programming and wiring.  Here are some pictures which definitely captures the tension we had in our team. Hope to fix it soon as possible.


“The Day” Mrs. Gonzalez’s little girl peeks through the door as Mr.Gus (mentor) contemplates on the issue.


Our mentors Ms Janet (left) figuring out the measurements  and Mr. Katuk (center) and Lee (programmer) patiently working on programming.


Dojo (center) holds the bumpers as AJ (right) drills holes. Christ (left) working on wiring.


I: “what is your favorite part of the robotics team?”                                                                                                                                                            Sakar: “oh yeah, it is working together with my friends and mentors. it helps me build my team spirits. ”


Mr.Gus focused on resolving an issue.
Niraj focuses his all energy as he entangles the wires.
Intishar (left) and  Zakiyyah (center) helping Dojo (right) who is responsible for making all the bumpers on time.

Mr.Poganik gives the final touch before practice.

Photo Credit: Intishar Arafat & Ajmain Naqib

Text Credit: Lhamo Dorje & Zakiyyah Nayen

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