ShortyBot – Designed by FRC TEAM 1635

Introducing the ShortyBot, This bot was designed to perform in the FIRST Competition Stronghold. With the help of the members and mentors of TEAM 1635, this dream came true. We mainly focused on proficiency and the matter of competition. This robots most difficult part was building the custom tracks. We started off, by working in AutoCAD and SolidWorks, then we installed the design on the robot. In order to protect the wiring on the robot, we embed bent sheet metals. With numerous amounts of testing, and staying long hours at the workshop, this architecture became possible to build. TEAM 1635 can’t wait to take this bad boy at the competition. #Stronghold #TEAM1635 #FRC #FIRST

Edited and Produced By Jing Wei Li (Head Programmer of Team 1635)
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition and Adobe After Effects
Music – Coldplay – Paradise (Instrumental)

Our Mentors

Thank you for being our mentor. Thank you for accepting us the way we are, teaching us the necessary skills that would lead us with confidence into the future, for having enough faith to share your work and vision.
You have taught us valuable lessons in life,you taught us how to build character, focus on our dreams and work on getting there.  We have learned a great deal from observing you tackle difficult challenges with intelligence, patience, and perseverance. We appreciate the time and effort you had put into us, and your motivating and inspirational attitude.


Progress Update for February 15 & 17


We faced several obstacles, as work towards the completion of our robot. Since last two days, we have been facing some troubles regarding the programming and wiring.  Here are some pictures which definitely captures the tension we had in our team. Hope to fix it soon as possible.


“The Day” Mrs. Gonzalez’s little girl peeks through the door as Mr.Gus (mentor) contemplates on the issue.
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