Week 2: The Prototype


         In this week the team focused on building a prototype. Looking at the design that Manish perfected, we began the first draft of our robot. We gathered all the pieces of plywood, rivets, screws and such that we were going to need. After we saw that everything was in check we started putting pieces together. We cut wood for almost an entire day just to get the correct measurements that were displayed in the design. Another day we riveted and screwed the pieces in place. Being that we wanted to get as much done in a faster amount of time we divided in groups. One group would be working on the claw where others in the wheels, others on the frame and others on the electrical. This way we made sure that everything was being taken care of in an efficient manner. After each group did their task the only thing left to do was to to put all the pieces together. It was very fun to see what was to come when building the actual robot. We learned a great deal and hope to keep making improvements on its structure so that it can better function.

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