Week 3: Testing the Prototype


Week three of building we spent testing our prototype robot. The tests were run by the programming department. They tested out the function of the prototype and decided on what adjustments it was that they wanted to make on the robot. After we saw what it was that we needed to fix we repaired all minor mistakes. We realized that there were two pieces that were the wrong distance away from each other and made th correction. Overall, I like to think that the mistakes were not that major. The test ran smoothly the majority of the time. Li and Sade worked alongside our mentor Bob to make sure that everything was running the way that it was supposed to. It was a calm week filled with trouble shooting and problem solving.

Week 2: The Prototype


         In this week the team focused on building a prototype. Looking at the design that Manish perfected, we began the first draft of our robot. We gathered all the pieces of plywood, rivets, screws and such that we were going to need. After we saw that everything was in check we started putting pieces together. We cut wood for almost an entire day just to get the correct measurements that were displayed in the design. Another day we riveted and screwed the pieces in place. Being that we wanted to get as much done in a faster amount of time we divided in groups. One group would be working on the claw where others in the wheels, others on the frame and others on the electrical. This way we made sure that everything was being taken care of in an efficient manner. After each group did their task the only thing left to do was to to put all the pieces together. It was very fun to see what was to come when building the actual robot. We learned a great deal and hope to keep making improvements on its structure so that it can better function.

Week 1: Concepts & Design


This week was largely based on conceptualizing everything in relation to how it is we wanted the robot to work. We thought of the best ways in which we could assemble this robot. After reading the manual entirely we had the fundamentals on what the objective was and all the regulations we had to consider. The team would gather and discuss the best way we could pick up the boxes and tote. We thought of different methods: elevators, claws and such. We deduced the best way of getting what needed to be done and decided on the final design. This week was a busy one, specifically for our design team. Head of the design team, Manish Shrsetha alongside the rest of the team worked to get the team’s vision across by using Autodesk Inventor. By the end of the week we had a solid plan for what it was that our robot was supposed to look like and function.

Parents Visit the Team


Last night the team’s parents gathered together in order to obtain information on what it is that their children were going to be dogmatically working on for the next six weeks. During this one hour session, parents were told what the competition was going to be about and anything pertaining to it. We took this time to answer any questions that parents may be having and addressed any concerns. Through a video presentation and former robot display, parents became familiar with the FIRST robotics competition. This was a successful evening due to everyone getting informed whilst enjoying a wonderful time.



First Team Meeting


A new year, a fresh new start, Team 1635 starts their season with an introduction meeting. They welcomed new members, familiarizing them with the “Veterans”. As they gathered in the room that they would be working in for the next 6 weeks until competition, they introduced themselves to one another. There was a dialogue amongst everyone on what it was each member was interested in and what it was that they specialized in. As they discussed about what brought them to joining the team there was various answers but a common motive.This was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and make new friends. In the end a team is meant to bring people with a common interest together and make something wondrous. That day was the official moment that diverse individuals became a team.This team left the school with an understanding of unity and the readiness to work. 

Our Mentors

Thank you for being our mentor. Thank you for accepting us the way we are, teaching us the necessary skills that would lead us with confidence into the future, for having enough faith to share your work and vision.
You have taught us valuable lessons in life,you taught us how to build character, focus on our dreams and work on getting there.  We have learned a great deal from observing you tackle difficult challenges with intelligence, patience, and perseverance. We appreciate the time and effort you had put into us, and your motivating and inspirational attitude.